Friday, September 24, 2010

PCI successfully launched on September 15 2010

The occasion was marked by a public lecture by Prof. Paul Gilroy, entitled: "From Double Consciousness to Public diplomacy: the end of the black Atlantic?". The lecture revisited Prof. Gilroy’s seminal work on the Black Atlantic and put it into the context of recent developments within postcolonial studies, specifically on the issue of European postcolonialism.

The lecture was followed by responses from the fellows of the PCI, Prof. Paulo de Medeiros, Sandra Ponzanesi, Birgit Kaiser and Emanuelle Radar who replied to Gilroy's talk attending to the mission of the PCI. This consists in investigating issues concerning postcolonial Europe drawing from different expertises and disciplinary backgrounds by exploring different historical and geopolitical constellations within Europe with a focus on current affairs and political events.

Click here for more pictures taken during the event. 


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