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Postcolonial Cinemas in Europe: Migration, Identity and Spatiality in Film Genres

When 18 March 2015-20 March 2015
Where NIAS, Wassenaar


Prof. Dr. Sandra Ponzanesi (Department of Media and Culture Studies/Graduate Gender Programme, Utrecht University)

Dr .Verena Berger (University of Vienna / NIAS fellow 2013/14 and currently UC3M Conex-Marie Curie Fellow 2015/18 University Carlos III Madrid/Spain)

Aim of the Workshop

The aim of this international workshop is to analyze questions of postcoloniality in European migrant cinemas from a comparative point of view. Located between trans-/national modes of production, distribution and reception, migrants cinemas rely on the colonial heritage of Europe’s past as well as on its consequences in present. Both narration and aesthetics focus on the human flow from Latin America, Africa or Asia to the Old Continent, which at the same time moves into a self-protecting European fortress. This workshop allows to study central issues of migration, mobility, identity, space and non-places as well as their specific use in different film genres, from fiction film, documentary to blockbusters. Opening up new vistas in migrant cinemas, the expected outcome of this workshop will not only highlight issues at the interface between  spatiality, mobility and migration, but also allow a relevant research output at the interface of trans-/national European genre films.



Wednesday, March 18, 2015
15.00  Welcome: Rector of NIAS Prof. Paul M.G. Emmelkamp
 Opening: Sandra Ponzanesi & Verena Berger
           Genres and Tropes
15:30  Sandra Ponzanesi: European Postcolonial Cinemas and the Politics of Truth
16.00  Verena Berger: `Going Home`: Displacement, Identity and Mobility in Nomadic Road Movies
16.30  Discussion
17.00  Coffee Break
17.30  Dan Hassler-Forest: Containing the Euro-Zombie: Globalization, Cultural Appropriation, and the Continental Walking Dead
18.00  Peter Verstraeten: Joie de vivre: The Politics of Dutch ‘Multicultural’ Comedies
18.30  Discussion
19.00  Dinner

Thursday, March 19, 2015
9.15   Opening
9.30   Aniko Imre: European Genres of Migration across Media
10.00  Yosefa Loshitzky: A Bridge Over Troubled Water? Loving Jews and Muslims in Two Recent
Postcolonial Mediterranean Films
10.30  Discussion
11.00  Coffee Break
11.30  Sudeep Dasgupta: The Aesthetics of Postcolonial Presence and the Politics of (In)difference
12.00  Christine Quinan: Trans-ing gender boundaries and national borders: Merzak Allouache's Chouchou and Angelina Maccarone's Fremde Haut/Unveiled
12.30  Discussion
13.00  Lunch
14.30  Domitilla Olivieri: Rhythms of Proximity: Spaces and Sounds of the Ordinary
15.00  Mireille Rosell√≥: Postcolonial Humor: The Laugh of the Migrant 
15.30  Paulo de Medeiros: Invisible Portugals: Migration, Film, Marginalities
16.00  Coffee Break
16.30  Discussion
18.00  Drinks
19.00  Dinner

Friday, March 20, 2015
9.45   Opening
10.00  Ewa Mazierska: Muslim in Post-Communist Eastern European Cinema
10.30  Milica Trakilovic: Passing through: Negotiating Identity, Sexuality and Migration in Ahmed Imamovic's Go West (2005)
11.00  Derek Duncan: Code-Switching: Claudio Giovannesi’s Postcolonial Practices
11.30  Discussion
12.00  Round table/Closing
13.00  Lunch

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