Friday, September 3, 2010

September 15: launch of the Postcolonial Studies Initiative (PCI), Utrecht University

The Centre for the Humanities and the organizers of the Postcolonial Studies Initiative, Prof. Paulo de Medeiros and Dr. Sandra Ponzanesi, cordially invite you to the official launch of the Postcolonial Studies Initiative (PCI) 15 September 2010, 16:00-18:00.

The occasion will be marked by a public lecture by Prof. Paul Gilroy. The lecture will revisit Prof. Gilroy’s seminal work on the Black Atlantic and put it into the context of recent developments within postcolonial studies, specifically on the issue of European postcolonialism.

The lecture will be followed by responses from the fellows of the PCI, Prof. Paulo de Medeiros, Sandra Ponzanesi, Birgit Kaiser and Emanuelle Radar.

The Postcolonial Studies Initiative (PCI) at Utrecht University is intended as a platform for research into postcolonial issues, specifically focused on their application within Europe. The PCI organizes activities such as lectures, film series, masterclasses and seminars, striving for greater interaction with society at large. As such it brings together a number of researchers from diverse areas and disciplines, both from Utrecht University and from other universities in the Netherlands as well as from other international partner universities.

We hope you will join us 15. September 2010, 16:00-18:00 in the Sweelinckzaal, Drift 21, Utrecht.

Yours sincerely, Centre for the Humanities and the Postcolonial Studies Initiative