Tuesday, December 1, 2015

International Symposium
The role of (Post)colonial Public Intellectuals in Europe:
 Figures, Ideas and Connections

Utrecht University, 28-29 January 2016

Sandra Ponzanesi, Umr Ryad, Remco Raben, 
and Bert van den Brink

Keynote Speaker:
 Prof. Engin Isin
 Professor of Citizenship, 
Politics and International Studies (Open University, UK)

Speakers: Elisabeth Buettner; Rosemarie Buikema; Quinsy Gario; Odile Heynders, Nancy Jouwe; Birgit Kaiser; Jamila Mascat; Sandro Mezzadra; Sandra Ponzanesi; Remco Raben; Umar Ryad; Mehdi Sajid; Neelam Srivastava; Bert van den Brink; Arnoud Visser

This two-day symposium investigates the role and impact of ‘(post)colonial’ public intellectuals in Europe. What is an intellectual, and what is his/her role in the twentieth-first century? What is specific to ‘postcolonial’ intellectuals and how do they relate to past and present dynamics in Europe? Which are the figures, ideas, networks that they established across borders and time? The role of public intellectuals is particularly complex for (post)colonial intellectuals who juggle contending regimes of political representations, individual and collective, playing a crucial role among their community as well as in the host society.

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The conference is sponsored by Utrecht University's strategic theme Institutions for Open Societies.