Monday, June 6, 2011

The Postcolonial Film Series - Today: Slumdog Millionaire

Today: Slumdog Millionaire!

Throughout the academic year a series of six postcolonial films are shown. Each film is introduced by a specialist and at the end of each session there is public discussion.

The film schedule for the first postcolonial cinema series are:

1- Michael Haneke, Hidden (Caché) (2005, 117 min. ); January 27, 2011 
   (introduction by Emanuelle Radar).
2- Fatih Akin, Auf der anderen Seite (2007, 116 min.); Feb 25, 2011
   (Introduction by Birgit Kaiser).
3- Giuliano Montaldo, A time to Kill (Tempo di Uccidere) (1989, 110 min.); March 10, 2011   
   (Introduction by Sandra Ponzanesi)
4- Margarida Cardoso. The Murmuring Coast (A Costa dos Murmúrios) (2004, 115 min.);
    April   8, 2011
(Introduction by Paulo de Medeiros).
5- Danny Boyle, Slumdog Millionnaire, (2008, 120 min.); June 6, 2011
    (Introduction by Barnita Bagchi).



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